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Lead time for SeamFil is 3 - 5 business days and ColorFlex is 5 - 8 business days.

FF-99 Solvent

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FloorFil Solvent

Solvent designed to be specifically used with FloorFil products and laminate flooring.

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SeamFil, FloorFil, SF-99 and FF-99 cannot be shipped through the postal service and must be shipped ground due to their hazardous nature.

Laminate Flooring Repair Solvent

FF-99 is a proprietary solvent specifically designed for use on High Pressure Laminate Flooring (HPL) and intended to be used with FloorFil. FloorFil hardens within minutes when exposed to air and almost always requires some clean-up around the repaired area. FF-99 Solvent breaks down and cleans up any hardened FloorFil, making the product very easy to use. It is recommended that this product is used for preparation, application and clean-up of a laminate surface where FloorFil is applied. 

When using FloorFil, the surface of the laminate flooring should be wiped using a rag or paper towel with FF-99 Solvent to clean off any residue that may prevent FloorFil from making a strong bond to the surface. FF-99 Solvent may also be added to FloorFil to reduce its thickness and slow it’s curing time. Wiping excess FloorFil from around the repair site is also recommended for aesthetic purposes, both when applying the product and after it has cured. Making a repair without the use of FF-99 may lead to an unsatisfactory finished result. 

Do not use FF-99 Solvent on any other surfaces. It is a powerful solvent that may cause significant damage to surface finishes such as enameled surfaces, acrylic enameled surfaces, stained wood, etc.

FF-99 should be used in a well vented area and rags with SF-99 on them need to be disposed of properly because the product is flammable.

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Watch this video to learn how to appropriately use FF-99 Solvent when making a repair to damaged laminate flooring.
How To: Repair Damaged Laminate Flooring
Learn how to repair nicks, gouges and scratches in your High Pressure Laminate (HPL) flooring by using the easy to use floor repairer/filler FloorFil. In this video we’ll show you how to prepare your surface and work with our HPL repair product FloorFil to hide your damaged area. FloorFil cures to a hard, inert plastic and will resist household detergents used for floor cleaning. FloorFil can be color matched to any HPL floor solid, color or pattern. Typical applications for this product are repairing surface damage caused by tools or any heavy, sharp object accidentally dropped on the floor surface. FloorFil can also be used to successfully repair damaged edges and broken corners.
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