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Lead time for SeamFil is 3 - 5 business days and ColorFlex is 5 - 8 business days.


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Wood Repair & Rebuilding Putty

“Repair and rebuild wood fast and easy.” WoodFil EPOXY is an easy to use versatile putty for repairing and rebuilding wood and other solid surfaces. Offered in 5 standard woodgrain colors and white.

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Two-Part Hand Mixable Epoxy Putty

WoodFil EPOXY is a two-part epoxy putty most commonly used to repair and rebuild damaged wood. The product is offered as a 7” stick and is mixed by hand to activate its adhesive and molding qualities. When applied, WoodFil EPOXY adheres to a component and will not shrink, which allows it to completely fill the defect or damaged area. Depending on the color, WoodFil EPOXY has a 3-5 minute or 15-25 minute work-life and is completely cured after 60 minute. After 60 minutes it may be sanded, filed, drilled, machined, and/or painted. In other words, after curing, WoodFil EPOXY may be treated as if it were actual wood. When used in proper applications this product, like wood, will last for many years.

WoodFil EPOXY is easy to use, safe, contains no solvents, and does not require special storage. It is offered in a handful of wood grain colors to help hide your repair. Typical kitchen and bathroom applications include repairing holes drilled, nailed or stapled off location and seams at butt joints on manufactured cabinets. WoodFil EPOXY may also be used to repair gouges, dry rot, knot holes and cracks in flooring and countertops; and to rebuild cabinet corners, edges and molding. Please note that WoodFil EPOXY has many potential applications and may be used with surfaces other than wood such as plastics and metals – be creative! This product is great for both professional tradespeople and DIY’ers.

WoodFil EPOXY is a great tool to repair stripped screw holes in door frames, drawer pulls or other places where repeated removal of a screw has damaged the wood. WoodFil EPOXY can even be tapped with threads for bolts.

Different colored sticks of WoodFil EPOXY may be mixed together to allow a user to create new colors to match their wood grain. Stain may be mixed into WoodFil EPOXY to alter its color before it cures by kneading stain into the product.


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Watch our video demonstrating how to repair a crack or split in wood using WoodFil EPOXY.
How To: Repair A Crack or Split in Wood
Learn how to quickly and easily repair a crack or split in wood. In this video we’ll show you how to easily use WoodFil EPOXY to make a durable repair to a piece of solid wood. You’ll need to blend together the appropriate amount of Woodfil EPOXY, apply it to the cracked area, clean up excess product, then sand and stain to your liking. WoodFil EPOXY is a 2-part hand mixable system which is available in 7 standard colors. (Separate colors may also be mixed together to create a desired match.)
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